Thursday, December 8, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Well, this isn't what I had planned for my second post, but I'm having a little trouble finding the old photos I wanted to post, so you guys get to see this first. My family isn't following my blog yet, so I'm going to share this new photo, they will get it for Christmas. This is me with all of my grandchildren at our Lavender Festival.

I can say that we are going to be blessed with more grandchildren next year. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I am a French Farmgirl!

My maternal grandmother, Irene Jeanne David, was born in St. Emilion, France. She met my American grandfather, Walter Earl Osborn, in her town where he was stationed as a soldier, during World War I. You couldn't miss him, he was a very tall man, she was very short, maybe that's what caught his eye. They met as she was picking up milk in town for her family. They were married in the church and at the Court House, then she left her family and home for a country very far away. They both traveled back to the USA on the USS Heron, the men were on one level, women were on another. She didn't speak English and he and his family didn't speak French, but some how they managed.
They left my grandfather's home in Missouri and moved west to Southern California.  He used his World War I Bonus to purchase several acres in Oak View and years later he had parcels for his children. My family lived next door to my mother's brother John and his family, which was 3 parcels from my grandparents property. It was rural country living and that is where it began for me. 
I am a French Farmgirl!

Madame Marie, Irene Jeanne, Pierre, Eugene, Prosper

My Grandfather Walter Osborn on the bench

My grandparents wedding picture

My Great - Great Grandparents

My Great Grandparents are the couple in front on the left.

Here she is with a nephew, brother & sister Jeannine

Grandmere and brother
I just love this pic, look she is wearing lavender!

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