Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our 2nd Lavender Festival

We just completed our 2nd Lavender Festival with the help of our kids, grand kids and friends. More people discovered there is a Lavender Farm in southern Oregon and learned a little bit more about lavender. THANK YOU to all who came to our Lavender Festival!

Our family crew this year
Visitors in our shop
Visitors in our field

Even the youngins had a good time at our Lavender Festival
My workshop

The family bottling Lavender Oil at the end of the 
day and breaking in my work shop

 Our store

Ed, Jeannelle & the baby

Our season isn't over yet, it's now harvest time and I have a field of lavender to cut. 
YOU can help me out by coming out to pick your own fresh bunches, 
then I won't have to harvest as much!
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