Saturday, March 29, 2014

Look who's setting now

Of course as soon as I left town last week I got a call telling me Mama Goose was setting. I had been gathering her eggs because she hadn't been interested in setting yet. I've read they can die on their nest because they won't leave their eggs to go eat and drink, but she has been good about going out on her own. I also read that the first year may not be successful do to the gander being to young to fertilize the eggs and I was told Sebastopol Geese have more trouble hatching their eggs possibly due to their frizzled feathers. I was planning to incubate some eggs when I returned home just to see if they were fertile. She's setting on six eggs and I'm sure one of her eggs is not viable because it's an older egg I left in her nest. These are our first geese, so once again it's on the job training for us. We've enjoyed having them on the farm and I have my fingers crossed that we might get lucky and have success this year. I do sing a little song to them, it's to the tune of Mama Mia and goes like this, Mama Papa, Mama Papa Papa, Ma Ma, Ma Ma Papa ...

                       I think she is doing a fine job with her nest, but what do I know, it's our first geese.

Six eggs.
                                 She was loving all of the rain we got yesterday, lots of puddles.

        Mama and Papa Goose
      Sebastopol Geese

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